Why One-to-One?

Does your child need a little guidance with an area of life such as self-esteem, confidence, mental wellbeing, self-talk, stress, anxiety, parental divorce, anger, communication, feelings, transitions, siblings, friends, school or something else?

One-to-One sessions focus on the individual young person and use mentoring and coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Personal Performance, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, talking through issues, mental wellbeing exercises, Accelerated Learning, journalling, telling motivating stories, and any other techniques that I am trained in and is useful to the situation.

One-to-one mentoring is suitable for young people aged 7 and up and can be carried out face to face (if local to Merseyside) or, more usually, via Skype.

The sessions result in:

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased self-belief
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Challenging unhelpful thoughts
  • What makes the young person happy
  • How to remove blocks to happiness
  • Focussing on specific issues
  • A lighter load after offloading problems
  • An understanding of emotional health
  • Better communication of emotions using NVC (non violent communication)
  • Better communication with self and others
  • Stress management techniques
  • Increased wellbeing
  • Better mental health and tools to help
  • Spotting mental health issues
  • Realistic goal setting
  • More confident academic performance (if so desired)
  • Transformative skills that will last for life

The Sessions

  • Mentoring consists of 8 forty-five minute – an hour sessions.
  • A free 30 minute consultation will be conducted beforehand.
  • Session 1 will be a “getting to know you” session with time to talk about the issues and time to learn some new feel better techniques.
  • Sessions 2 – 7 will start with checking in and feedback from the young person about their week and how they are integrating the new tools they are learning. Followed by learning further tools.
  • At least 4 of the sessions will include hypnotherapy (if required).
  • Session 8 will allow for exploration of the previous 7 sessions and give the young person opportunity discuss what the next steps are.
  • A free 30 minute roundup chat with the caregiver at the end of the 8 sessions.

Confidentiality and Safeguarding

Confidentiality is essential to the therapist-client relationship. Although caregivers may want to know every detail that the young person discusses, this may affect the young person’s confidence in the therapist and the young person’s well-being. At all times, I encourage the young person to share something with the adult if it will benefit their relationship and understanding of each other. If a safeguarding issue arises then the caregiver will be spoken with and I will follow the child protection procedures of Sefton LSCB which can be found here.