I Have Been Nominated!

I’m very excited and honoured to announce that I have been nominated for a Northern Power Women Award (yeah!).

To be recognised for the work I do is a great honour… that someone has taken the time to acknowledge what I do, learn more about it and nominate me. The work I do is not just a job… it’s a duty and a passion… I put everything into the programmes and sessions that I create and every single moment I spend with young people is a privilege and deeply important to me.

Happy smiles here on my face and in my heart!

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

I was feeling that what I knew about mental health wasn’t enough for the work I was doing with young people. We’ve seen a lot in the media over recent years about it and I felt I needed more knowledge so I could be better equipped to helping young people I work with.

For those aged 5-19 years, suicide is
the second most common cause of death.
– Taken from Youth MHFA